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Who are we, how we function, and why we need you!


Mining, Salvage, Repair, Medical, Refueling, and even more


Iron Point is a group for semi-casual to hardcore players. Whether you are looking for a friendly environment to settle down into during the evenings, or you are a nerd that can play all day, Iron Point can be your home.

How we operate as a group, our personal philosophies, and some history about us

About Us

Most of the founders come from a military background with a wide range of experience both in and out of service. We're all driven and determined individuals, but with a laid back approach that makes for a jovial environment.

Dropzone keys, grid squares, PRK-E7 batteries, exhaust samples...

Bottom-to-Top Logistics

Here are some images of our guys out in the field, taking pictures as they work

See us in Action